Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Photo courtesy of Apt 22 University Villa, Winter 2007.

Dear Miss T,

I recently went to a baby shower for this lovely lady (she and I are fitting entire plums into our mouths at the moment...because a few years previous she was with me when I first discovered what plums were and that I liked them!). It is pretty fun that she and I will each have a baby girl as of January 2014. We are so excited. Already planning for them to be college roommates like we were.

At any rate, at her baby shower I ran into another friend from high school.  She introduced me to her two daughters. They were sitting together eating snacks.

I said to the eldest girl "Are you two friends?"

She looked at me like I was crazy. She firmly said. "No. We are SISTERS."

All the better, don't you think? Why be friends when you can be sisters? I wonder if you would have said something similar when we were little? My inclination is to think yes. ;)

Love, Kk

PS: Came across these gems too. I share them for amusement purposes only.
This is the by far the best we ever achieved.
 This comes in second place. Only because we have Troy Bolton doing tricks with us. Headstands is a pretty standard skill thanks to Sweet Liberty.
And this...well this is just a sample of the creative process behind all tricks. It's a work in progress. I think we will yet figure out how to make a table with our legs one day.

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  1. You and Lauren are crazy. Crazy enough to be sisters from another mother! And those little girls sound too cute to be true!