Saturday, December 14, 2013

Where's the Shirt?


Have you seen those little onesie that say "Baby's First Christmas"?

I love them.

This year I went to go find one for Little Grizzly.  It will be his first Christmas, and I am so excited.  As I shopped through baby clothes, I noticed that all of the "Baby's First Christmas" shirts were in the sizes of Newborn to 6 months.  There were NO outfits in the size 12 months!!!! (which is Little Grizzly's size).

What about those babies born December 26th through March?  They haven't had a first Christmas yet!  

Now, if I was really into it.  I am sure I could go on Pinterest and fine a cute way to make my own little onesie.  But, lately I have had a huge Pinterest flop.  The last project I found from Pinterest failed twice.

Enough about me.  Go out and buy one for your sweet Baby J and take picture of her in it for me.

Miss T

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