Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Winter Wonderland Treat


Starting last Thursday it began to snow.  Beautiful snow.  It actually stuck to the ground and turned our world into a Winter Wonderland.  Oregon usually doesn't get much snow, so this was a treat.  And gradually we have accumulated around 8 inches.  

With this much snow the world has shut down here.  First, school was canceled = SNOW DAY!  And then everything else was canceled: sporting events, conferences, work, and even church.  

We have spend the last three days playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate, listening to the Frozen soundtrack, sitting around the fire playing games and watching the Olympics.  I don't care how many times we have to put on gloves and hats and boots, it has been truly magical.  It is like time has FROZEN as well.  

-Miss T

"Let's go bury the car in snow!!!!"

Little Grizzly watching all the fun.
Big D built them a sweet hill in the front yard.  It attracted several neighborhood kids.

Cub said, "I'm pretending my beach shovel is a snow shovel."

Little Gizzly liked the snow until he touched it. (That is green marker on his upper lip.  He ate a marker today - oops!)

*Post Edit:  I typed this up and then went to eat dinner.  Before I sound like we have "perfect" family, I wanted to be honest and clarify that not EVERY minute of our snow days has been magical.   There has been plenty of the boys arguing, doing housework, etc.  Admittedly the snow has helped keep our spirits up, which I feel very grateful for.


  1. I am so sad we weren't there for your snow days! But, so happy that you got some fun snow to play in.

  2. Looks like a kid's dream come true! Soooo fun! (Glad you got a snow day to keep spirits up- I understand the not perfect parts too!)