Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm thinking about you as you head off for a romantic & busy weekend with your Valentine in some cold weather.  I hope to hear all about it. 

Back at the ranch, we are enjoying our kids as our Valentine's this year.  Here are the Valentine's they handed out to their friends.  (Big thanks to Pinterest & Family Fun)

This morning I had a little gift wrapped for them on their breakfast plates.  There was a simple hand written card that said "We love you Troy! We are so proud of you.  You make us so happy.  Love, Mom & Dad."  T Bear read the note several times while he ate his breakfast.  When he was finished eating he ran off, found  a pencil and starting "scribbling" on his card.  Then he ran back and handed it to me to read.  Here were his changes:

"I We love you Troy  Mome! I We are so proud of you.  You make us me so happy. Love, Mom & Dad  Troy."

Pretty Clever.

They have been eating candy all day. This is a picture of them opening a package from Miga & Poppa. Little Grizzly wanted in on all the chocolate too. 

Finally we LOVE the msuic from Frozen.  Thanks to facebook we found this video.  Then we realized my sweet little cousin is IN this video.  We love it even more and are slightly jealous.  Watch, sing along and dance!

Much love,

-Miss T

PS - These are the cards I gave to Big D this year. Kind of funny.

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  1. Love the pictures! Great job on the valentines. So cute. I will update you soon on our adventure to Boston!