Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Monster Lives On

Dear Rebecca,

Let me start off by telling you that I miss you so much.  I am sorry that I don't keep in touch better because you were like a sister to me at times in Seattle.  I loved that we met every week to exercise around Green Lake.  You are such a example to me and you helped me so many times.  Ok, I'll stop with the mushy stuff before I start crying and get to the point.

Do you remember our playdate exchanges with T Bear and your Lil' G?  Every week we took turns having a playdate with our boys.  Well, once Cub started walking, the boys started calling him Baby Monster.  They would see Cub and yell "Oh no, it's the Baby Monster!" Then they would run aways screaming.  Sweet little Cub would smile and start to follow them, which encouraged more yelling and running away.  Cub always kept following because he loved that they were "playing" with him. 

T Bear & Lil' G

Cub as the Baby Monster
 Sweet memories with those best friend boys.

Here we are now living in another city and state.  Now Cub is the three year old boy.  He now has a weekly playdate exchange with another boy, also Lil' G.  Recently Little Grizzly has started walking.  I heard Cub call him "Baby Monster" and then teach his friend how to run away from the Baby Monster while screaming.  Without a word, Little Grizzly smiled and followed the boys around the house, thrilled that he was part of their game.  

And so Baby Monster lives on.

Cub & Lil' G

Little Grizzly as Baby Monster

So say hello to your boys from us.  Remind them of the game "Baby Monster" that they used to play with us.  We send our love and hope we will get to reunite sooner rather than later.

Much love,

-Miss T

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  1. Tenley! Oh I miss those days!! And the boys still talk about baby monster and laugh hysterically about it, they would be so surprised to see their "monster" so grown up. It's lovely as always to hear from you. xoxo - Rebecca