Friday, March 21, 2014


Dear Miss T,

Just LOOK at what I made today:
Can you believe this little hairpiece? What about this one?
Our cousin C helped me make these bow clips for my little ballet girls. Their recital is next week and they are just wearing their class leotards. So I thought we would jazz it up a little with a cute headpiece. I am CRAFTY!!! Hot glue and fabric. That's all it took. Now I need to make some for Baby J.

And speaking of Baby J, here is a picture, just because she is adorable. :)
This is Baby J in the morning. She is such a smiley baby in the mornings. Now which parent does she get that from?

Love, KK


  1. So perfect that Jane is wearing pjs with ballet slippers for this post!!!!

  2. You Crafty girl--who knew????

  3. So true about Jane!! Haha I didn't even realize she was wearing that. Dad you need to show this to Perry. This is the outfit she gave Jane. :)