Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Responsible Thing To Do

I am at M&D's house right now, and I found this pic on their computer... not the best, but it will do.

KK -

Why is it hard to do the responsible thing sometime?   Here is where I am coming from.

I remember being around 12 years old when Mom and Dad left on a trip, just the two of them.  They told me that if something happened to them (meaning if they died), they wanted all of us kids to go live with the X family.  I was stunned that they had even thought of such a thing.  Why would they even think about them dying?  It was a terrible, terrible, terrible thought.

It happened again when I was a freshman in college.  Mom and Dad were dashing off on a romantic get-away, and they called me to talk.  If something happened to them (meaning if they died), they wanted me to quit college and come home to finish raising all of my brothers and sister.  Again, I was pretty stunned and thought it was just an awful thing to think about and talk about.

Now, I am a parent and Big D and I are leaving on a vacation just for two.  In preparing for this long vacation, we have had to draw up a will, and decide what will happen to our boys in case something happens.  When Big D and I talk about this, I want to revert back to my 12 year old self, and tell him this topic is to terrible and awful to even talk about let alone make a decision about it.  This is when I realized that Mom and Dad were just doing the responsible thing for their family.

It is my turn to do the responible thing for my family.  It still makes me sick to thing about the "what if", but we need to occassionally. 

We are all set to go now.  I can stop being a baby, and check off the box.  I have done the responisble thing.  Now it is time to sit back and relax and try to enjoy some much need husband-wife time.  I hope can not worry and talk about my boys the whole time!

Love you!
Talk to you in a week-
-Miss T

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