Sunday, May 1, 2011

Survival Mode

What a picture!  Not flattering for any of us.

We have been in survival mode around here.  Big D left for a mountain biking trip in Moab last Wednesday afternoon.  I have been on my own with the boys since then.  We did alright for the first couple of hours (like 4), then we entered survival mode.  

Survival mode means this:

-I don't cook.  We live off of cold cereal, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, PB&J, yogurt and the bag of M&Ms you gave me last week.
-We watch a lot more TV than usual.  T Bear loved being able to watch unlimited episodes of Diego.  
-We leave the house for no reason, only to get out.  I either wandered around Target or walked the neighbors with no particular destination.
-We don't leave the house because we had nowhere to go at times.
-Bedtime varied.  On days I was exhausted, bedtime was early.  Some nights bedtime was late, because we were having so much fun.
-I take Unisom to sleep.  It's weird but I don't sleep as well if Big D is gone.
-We talk about missing Daddy.
-I don't clean the house.  

We did venture out to Stake Conference for church this morning.  I was originally just going to stay home, but then I realized it was going to be a long day if we did not get out.  I had some friends willing to sit by me to help me with the boys.  The 2 hour meeting was long, and by the end we were not doing very well.  There was only 10 minutes left in the meeting, but I decided I had had enough.  I scooped up the boys, left all of our toys and activities scattered on the chairs and floor, and left.  Both boys fussed and cried as I carried them out.  Sally was nice enough to clean up after us since we left in a hurry.  I felt no need to apologize, only to say we were in survival mode.  Luckily, I have great friends who have been willing to step in and help me many times.

Now we are down to only 11 hours and 34 minutes until Big D comes home.  Oh, and I can't wait!!!! He definitely deserved a trip away.  Now we are ready for him to be back, so we can go on with our normal lives.

-Miss T

*Afterthought* How do you single moms do this?  How do you 'student' single moms do this?  How do you "work a bazillion hours at a job' single moms do this?  You must be amazing!!!!

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  1. T, you're wonderful :) I loved this post...haha, probably 'cause I can relate! Now I know what it's called...SURVIVAL MODE! Glad you guys get your hubby/daddy back tonight. John just left for Germany this morning...survival mode here we come :)