Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1st Birthday


Today was Baby Cub's 1st Birthday.  

Last night, T Bear woke up around midnight to go to the bathroom, which woke Baby Cub up.  I got T Bear back in bed, then picked up my crying Baby Cub.  I rocked him back to sleep in the brown chair and realized that it was almost exactly a year ago to the minute that he was born.  It was a special present to be hold my big baby at that time.  I held him for quite awhile, contemplating the first year of his life.  It has gone by extremely fast.  

Baby Cub has grown more than I imagined in his first year.  He has developed an easy-going personality with a quick smile, and a huge adoration for his older brother.  He loves balls, toothbrushes, pencils, his special blanket, music, and trains.

Today was a simple celebration, really a part 1 of his birthday.  Since Big D was out of town, we will do the part 2 of his birthday this weekend.

It was special to have Miga here with us, since her birthday was today as well.  She reminded me that last year when I had past my due date of Oct 25th and was starting be vocally angry, she had said to me, "Maybe you will have this baby on my birthday!"

"I better not have this baby on your birthday.  No way," was my answer back.

Alas, Miga was right and Baby Cub was born on her special day.

We all went out to Red Robin for lunch, since that is what Miga did last year with T Bear to celebrate.  This year T Bear was much more compliant and excited to go get his corn dog at Red Robin.

After putting my 1 yr old to bed, we got the "adult" party started for Miga.  The party was on Google+.  We had a hangout.  It was so much fun to see you and Mr. P and all the rest of our siblings.  Isn't it amazing that we can video chat with 7+ people at the same time.  It was the best Family Night we have had in a long time.  Let's do it again.

Miga's virtual Bday party!

Here is to November birthdays!

-Miss T

Baby Cub took his first steps with this walking toy today!


  1. YES! Those were GREAT birthdays...November birthdays I love.

    What a good 1st year baby cub has had. I agree. And wow! Walking steps! I can't wait to walk with him this summer....

  2. Wow, I didn't know it was his birthday yesterday! He is growing up so fast! What a cutie! Also, you should definitely bring the boys down here or let me come there and watch them at your house sometime so you can have some free time, even if it's just to get some grocery shopping done.