Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happily Engaged

As many of you know KK is preoccupied with her engagement so I thought I would write an update about my life her life.

Tonight is the Engagement Party for KK and Mr. P.  It sounds like it is going to be wonderful.  I guess when you do a destination wedding without a local reception, you get to have Engagement Parties and fun things like that.  I will not be going.  If I were going I know exactly what I would wear.  My black and white striped dress with leggings, tall boots, and a cute salmon colored cardigan.  I would look so hot that Big D would want to have an Engagement Party with just me!  

Next Saturday is my birthday KK's Bridal Shower.  Our lovely aunt is hosting a huge bridal shower in Utah for her.  I will not be able to go because I will be at home celebrating my birthday with my boys.  What should I wear on my big day?  

Every time I talk to KK, she is getting more and more excited to go to Hawaii.  Every day I am getting more and more excited to go to Hawaii.  I have ordered this dress for me to wear to the wedding.  Hopefully I will look as good as that South Pacific model...... it's questionable. What I am worried about is looking like a sparkling white vampire in Hawaii.  My white, vitamin D deficient skin is going to experience the harsh beautifulness of the sun in Hawaii.  Should I go tanning before we go?  No, I will just put on my swimming suit and be proud of my blinding white skin as I run around the beach.  But trust me, I will be using massive amounts of sunscreen so that I do not burn while I am there. 

Big D and I have started talking about things we would like to do in Hawaii.  I think we would be happy to sit on the beach and read a book most of the days.  We would like to snorkel, hike, go to Pearl Harbor, Temple Visitors Center, and eat some shaved ice.  Mostly we are excited to escape the grey weather of Seattle.  An ugly storm moved in last night, and it is supposed to rain everyday for the next week.  Boo.

Well, time to get off the computer and get dressed for the day.  What to wear.... most days I wished I had someone to just dress me in adorable clothes.  That is why I love this blog: The Cardigan Empire.  Check it out!

-Miss T

PS - You can get 15% off a dress at Shabby Apple by using this link.  Happy dress shopping!


  1. How fun! Hawaii sounds awesome ... one of these years I will make it there with my husband :) !!

    P.S. I have that exact same dress?! I actually won it earlier this year :) !!

  2. Thanks for giving me my most marvelous idea to surprise KK at her bridal shower, Miss T. Without your blog, nothing would have happened and I would have spent another boring weekend in Omaha.