Friday, April 6, 2012

Run to Walk.

Dear Miss T,

What an interesting phrase "Run to Walk" don't you think? Don't you normally walk first, to be able to run? So wouldn't you think the phrase should be "Walk to Run"?

Well, as you well know, the phrase is beautifully put that way for the Now I Can Foundation Run to Walk 5k/1 mile Fun Run.

This is the event where you run so that others can walk. You get out your tennis shoes, wake up early on a beautiful spring Saturday morning, and do some of that dreaded thing we call running because you have legs that move at your command. You can balance wherever and whenever (well mostly). You can stand and sit whenever you want to. You can run. And on this Saturday morning, you are running because you want to help children with disabilities learn and progress to walk, so that now they can walk, balance, and stand when they want to.

So. To anyone who may be in Provo on May 19th, sign up to run in the Run to Walk 5k/1 mile Fun Run. We'd do it if we weren't going to be in Seattle, right Miss T? Right.

Aloha, Kk

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  1. oh i really want to be there. will someone do it for me??? please!