Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nose Noise

Dear Miss T,

I'm sitting here in the library. I'm being quiet, keeping to myself. Just working away at school things. Two chairs over is a man with serious nose noise issues.

I remember being a kid and instead of sniffing, I would sniff with a grunt that sort of included a throat clear at the same time. Do you remember the noise at all? Both you and Mom told me I should stop doing that. I couldn't understand why, because in my mind it was the most effective way to sniff and clear my throat simultaneously. I was completely ignorant of the obnoxious noise it was making.

Now I understand. Because Mr. Nose Noise over there is doing the exact same thing and it's driving me nuts!

For everyone's comfort I would just like to affirm that over time you got to me and my nose-grunting enough times (you specifically practiced sniffing with me, remember?) and I now sniff normally. Thank goodness! I would hate to be putting anyone through what I have just experienced today. GROSS.

My advice is, enjoy the blessed tissue! Costco has a coupon running for them this month. Getcha some, and celebrate the gentle and quiet sniff while in public.

Love, Kk

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