Thursday, August 2, 2012

A 9 lb Double Date


I'm so glad we got to go on one last double date with our "boys" before you end your time here in Seattle.  

Big D chose to have us all go out to eat at Gorditos.   This is the home of the 9 lb burrito.  It is literally the size of a new born baby.  In fact, there are pictures of swaddled newborns laying next to these burritos that are framed and hung around the restaurant.

Big D and Mr. P ordered the 9 lb burritos with the determination to eat them in one sitting.  When the burritos arrived at our table, we could not believe how big they actually were.

Even mine and your burritos were gigantic in their own respect.  To no one's surprise the boys did finish eating their burritos and we did not.

It was a tasty double date and we will gladly do it again the next time you are in Seattle.

-Miss T


  1. oh my word we went here once and i couldn't believe how big the burritos were! good on those men for finishing them! ;)
    there was even a family with a newborn laying it on the table to take a photo with their burrito...looked weird!~!!
    fun stuff.

  2. OOOOOOOKAY!! Those burritos were HUGE and in the pictures I am shocked again even though I saw them in real life. I am so glad we get to be sisters and eat how much we want instead of how much feels manly. But to the boys, good job. That was an amazing feat. They can eat a baby, and you just grow one.