Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sisters Synchronized Swimming

KK -

Can you remember all of the dance routines we made up in our backyard, on the trampoline, driveway or at the beach?  I think we even did some in the pool.

Well, I know that you and I both LOVED the synchronized swimming at the London 2012 Olympics.  There were some "golden" sisters who got inspired as well, and made their own synchronized swimming routine.  It is hilarious! 

I hope we are still doing things like this when we are their age.

Too Fun!  That is what sisters are all about.

-Miss T


  1. That was funny! I can totally see the two of you doing a routine like that--minus the language.

  2. sorry about the swearing. i saw this on the Today show and it was bleeped out, I assumed this link was the same. oops! but who knows maybe by that age I will have a dirty mouth....