Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Real Conversation


Here is a real conversation I had with Big D a few days ago:

Big D: "Hey, did you know that they came out with an app for Pinterest the other day?"

Me: "Already using it."

Big D: "Of course you are.  Is that all you do?"  In concurrence with a major eye roll in my direction.

It comes to no one's surprise that I love Pinterest.  And to my credit I have actually used, or made things from Pinterest.  

I have used several of the fitness workouts that I have pinned during my Stroller Strides classes.  300 Abs is by far my favorite, but the Tank Top Arms came in a close second.

There have been some yummy recipes that my whole family (including Big D) have enjoyed.  Check these one out on my recipe board: Hawaiian Baked Ham & Swiss Sandwiches, Corn on the cob in the oven, Penne Rosa

Another reason why I love Pinterest is because I can see what interests my friends have whether they be fleeting or long lasting.

-One friend is pinning ideas for a Theater room, I know she is dreaming about a house they will buy soon.
-One friend always pins very vintage clothing
-One friend must be the Primary Music Leader because she is always pinning for primary music ideas
-I can tell when another friend is letting her daughter help pin because there are many pins of whales and horses.
-One friend was on a total dessert kick and pinned a hundred delicious looking desserts.
-One friend is getting ready for school to start because I am watching her pin lots of ideas for her classroom.
-One time I even emailed a friend to ask her if she was pregnant because she was pinning maternity clothes.  I don't recommend doing this because it turns out she was NOT pregnant (we were close enough friends that I did not offend her though).  

Oh, the fun I have on Pinterest!

BTW - you wanted to know how to wear your scarves.  Check out my pin 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf.

Happy Pinning!
-Miss T

*And I love pinning on my ipad now thanks to that new app!


  1. you're hilarious, tenley. you NAILED all the reasons i love pinterest, too. i love those recipes you suggested. i've done the corn, but will have to try the others!
    oh and the ipad makes pinning even more fun and easy! ah!

  2. I like your "Yes, Please" board because it helps me with gift giving ideas. Thanks for always making my shopping easier.