Monday, September 3, 2012

Our "Gender Reveal" Party


Last night we had our "gender reveal" party.  These kind of parties are the new trendy thing to do, so we thought we would try it while we were in Utah with lots of family.

At our ultrasound appointment a week ago, I chose not to find out the sex of our baby, but Big D had to know.  He has kept the secret well for several days.

When we got to Utah, Big D ordered a huge sheet cake.  The inside layer of frosting was either blue for a boy or pink for a girl. When he brought the cake to the house, our boys and all the cousins were so excited to cut the cake.

 Before the big moment, we took a vote:  13 voted for a girl and 7 for a boy.   Then with about 23 of our family members gathered around, I cut into the cake.

And it's a BOY!  Lots of very blue frosting inside.

Honestly, my gut told me it was going to be a boy, but I had been recently sucked into the hope of having a girl.  Either one is fine by me.  T Bear was a little sad, he really wanted pink frosting.  He still ate and enjoyed a big piece of cake.

My wearing a blue shirt was purely coincidental.
It was a fun moment, and what else can I say, I must be a pretty good 'boy mama!'

-Miss T


  1. Congrats Tenley! What a cute gender reveal idea. I bet you are the best boy momma ever.

  2. Congrats!! Your first 2 boys are adorable so I'm sure boy #3 will follow suit!!

  3. Grandson #5! What a lucky Miga! Great pictures--thanks for sharing.

  4. THREE BOYS?!?! Oh I'm so excited for you. But I must say, that I'm SUPER excited that we get to share stories back and forth about the joys and trials of having three boys in a row. How fun lady!