Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Living with Boys


T Bear said from the couch "Mom, I am really into poop." Then he giggled and went back to putting poop stickers on my ipad app.  Boys..... (huge eye roll)

Here are some of my latest adventures with boys:

About an hour and a half before we had to leave for the airport I went into T Bear's room and found he had stuck a lego block all the way up his nose.  It was very stuck.  A brief panic started in me and spread to T Bear as I told him I didn't know how we would get it out.  Luckily I got it out with some tweezers, but I threatened a nasty trip to the Dr office if he did it again.

T Bear: "Dad, I think playing pool bear will make me feel better."

The other day I left T Bear in his room to do some picking up.  When I came back in I found this:

T Bear's imagination is exponentially growing - will I be able to keep up?

And what about Cub?  He is making us smile daily.  He is learning more and more words which is exciting.  Just take a look at this cute face.

Cub's yoga positions

It has been a fun filled summer of boy-lovin'!

-Miss T

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  1. Ahhhh ha ha haaaa! I love your boys. And my goodness they are growing up! So cute and so funny. :)