Friday, September 21, 2012

8 out of 9 STOPLIGHTS!!!!!

Miss T

This morning Monica was behaving so poorly.  She would insolently ignore our soft attempts to help her start the day in first gear. She chugged so violently that we hardly moved forward (instead we were moving up and down) and she was soooo slow to get going at all.

We had some nasty impatient drivers behind us on the way to school and then when Paul got out to go to class I realized I had to take over driving her. But Now I Can isn't that far away from campus. So I would be fine, right?

Do you know how many STOPLIGHTS are in that supposedly short distance to Now I Can?  NINE!!! And I hit 8 of them!!! This wouldn't be so bad if every time I had to stop I wasn't terrified that Monica would give out and there I would be blocking tons of morning traffic on University Parkway. Each stop was followed by a series of jerks! and chugs! and revving! And hoping she would get rolling forward! Seriously. It was light after light. I could not believe on the day of all days I couldn't catch a traffic light break.

Thankfully I made it to work. And I even made it to the car repair place during lunch. So she is all better now. And watch. I won't hit a single red light this morning.

But tomorrow red lights will be the least of my worries because I will be AT THE WOMEN'S FITNESS CELEBRATION WALK RUN STROLL 5K WITH YOU HOORAY!!

Can't wait.
Love Kk

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