Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little Something for Each of My Boys

This is for T Bear

I was reading an article called "Meaningful Teaching at Home" by Darren E Schmidt in the January issue of the Ensign.  This quote made me think and ponder about my sweet T Bear:

“One of our urgent opportunities is to respond to a child when he earnestly asks, remembering that they don’t always ask, that they aren’talways teachable, that they won’t always listen,” taught Elder Richard L. Evans (1906–71) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “And often we have to take them on their terms, at their times, and not always on our terms, and at our times. … If they find they can trust us with their trivial questions, they may later trust us with the more weighty ones.”

Big eyes filled with curiosity at the huge Seattle ferris wheel

This is for Cub

Too bad Santa didn't bring this for you this last Christmas.  Ipad is one of your favorite words in your limited vocabulary.

It is called the ipotty.  Ridiculous right?

This is for Baby Boy #3

COME OUT NOW!!!!! Trust me, I think at this point we would get along much better if you were outside my womb.

This is for Big D

With Love,

-Miss T

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