Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just Hanging On

So pregnancy does not suit me well.  There is only one thing I like about being pregnant: my leg hairs don't grow as fast.  Everything else is horrible.

Unfortunately pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster that I struggle with mentally and physically.  

Lately I feel like my inability to deal with pregnancy well has been affecting the behavior of my sweet boys and husband. I 
feel awful that I am unable to be the wonderful mother and adoring wife that I want to be.

In efforts to find something to be happy and grateful about my life, I have found two daily moments that I love about being a mother to my boys.

1. Full bellies.  I love that I am able to feed my boys well and that after every meal they are happy with full bellies.  This means they usually need to jump on the couch to release their new acquired energy.

2. Peaceful sleep.  No matter how rough my day was, I love putting my boys to bed.  Putting them in warm pjs, and tucking them in with their favorite blankets, hoping for sweet dreams for them, and then walking out of their room knowing that I am done for the day makes me happy.  If I sneak in to look at them sleeping, they look so sweet, peaceful and happy.  

My heart is full of gratitude that Big D and I are able to provide a warm place for them to sleep and good food to eat.  The hard truth is that there are parents who can not even do that for their children.  So although I may lacking in my mothering skills significantly, I am glad that I can provide for some of their basic needs.  

I love these boys so much.  It was worth being miserably pregnant with each of them.

-Miss T


  1. And they are definitely blessed to have you as their mother!

    Hang in there! I know the feeling! (P.S. When are you due?)

  2. January 15th.... not soon enough at this point.