Sunday, January 20, 2013


Dear Miss T,

This morning I get to sit in front of a fireplace. It is lovely. My back is all toasty warm. Then I rotate and face the fire so my front becomes warm too. This is what I see.

It is Sunday and a day to reflect on life. I think of you and your boys. I think of how I get to come visit you soon and my insides get as warm as my outsides. Thank you for choosing to be a Mother. Thank you for (as always) leading the way by example.

I will go to church today and make a little promise with God to do a little better, be a little kinder, and have a little more faith. Then I will come right back in front of this lovely fire and enjoy the warmth, and count my blessings. May your Sunday be just as warm with snuggles from Little Grizzly, Cub, and T-Bear, and of course Big D.

Love Kk

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  1. I have been enjoying sitting around our warm fireplace too recently. Can't wait for you to come visit us and your newest nephew.