Thursday, February 7, 2013

Of sunshine and fat quarters

Aloha Miss T,

I send you greetings from the island of Maui. Supposedly the number 1 most sought after vacation spot in all the world. Guess you should have jumped on that offer I made for you to have my ticket, huh?

Well I have a little story to tell. We were walking amongst some little shops in Lahaina when we saw this one:

Miga said "There is a shop Mr. P's mom would like." I wholly agreed, because for those of you who do not know anything about Mr. P's mother, let's just say she has a "quilt store" in her basement. Well Mr. P's mother is also taking care of our little Nellie while we are away, which is an enormous sacrifice because moms who don't love dogs should never have to take care of dogs again (for the record, she offered and would admit to that herself, so I guess that shows her true colors of kindness right there. Pretty impressive). So I thought, well why not go in and find her a little island fabric as a thank you present?

So I found her this little gem (of course I only agonized over four different fabrics trying to guess one that she might not have). This is what quilters would call a Fat Quarter I guess. That is what Miga said at least. So a fat quarter it is to take home to the mother of Mr. P to share some of the aloha. It is the least I could do to thank her for putting up with this little thing.

I was so excited to tell Mr. P about it. When we skyped that night, Mr. P being in Mexico, I said "Mr. P I got some fabric for your Mom!" Without missing a beat Mr. P said "Oh that is really good, I think she is a little low on fabric right now."

If you didn't bust out laughing like I did, then I guess it is because you didn't spend a weekend unpacking her quilt room and seeing her marvelous store of fabrics of every kind. :) I guess all I can do is hope she really doesn't have this one that I got her.

Ps I can't figure out how to get the pictures to show up in the right places. Please forgive.

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  1. low on fabric??? hahaha yeah right. i bet she will LOVE it though.