Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two to Three


I am still learning how to transition from being a mother of two to a mother of three.  Honestly going from two to three is harder than it was going from one to two.  Never the less, there are still cute moments happening where I feel overjoyed to be a mother to these sweet boys. 

T Bear
I told him to make a birthday card for our adult friend Cherlyn's birthday.  He wrote "Dear Cherlyn".  Then he drew a person sitting on a toilet.  AH!!!! I told him that was not an appropriate picture for a birthday card.  He scribbled it out, but I snapped a picture of it before I threw it away.  

He now says to me in his deep toddler voice "Hey Mom, take my picture!"  Then he makes this weird smile face.

Recently I told Big D that Cub could draw a circle.  When Big D ask him to draw him a circle, Cub drew a small circle and said "poop!"  Big D asked my why I taught our son to draw poop.  Trust me, I didn't, these boys figure these things out by themselves.

Little Grizzly
He is as cute as ever.  He is definitely my most fussy baby, but we are figuring it out.  He is starting to smile at us, which just melts your heart.

Even though we have some rough days and nights (like when all three boys were up at 3:30am!), I still glad we have all three of them in our family.
Yes, Cub is almost always naked at our house, Little Grizzly shirt says "Little Brother", and T Bear wanted to be closer to the baby in this picture - not possible.

*Side note*
In order to write this blog, I shut myself and Little Grizzly in the room and told the boys to play.  T Bear recently stuck his head in and asked for a roll of paper towels.  Now I hear screaming.  I should probably stop and go see what they are up to....

-Miss T


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  2. Going from 2 to 3 kids was a tough transition for me, too! I will be sending and praying good vibes your way :) !! (Let me know if you want to chat or email about anything. Sometimes having a sympathetic ear to listen and be a sounding board for you is helpful.)

    Your boys are so handsome! They are definitely blessed to have you as their mother!


  3. Looks at your beautiful boys! Congratulations! Sounds like you were blessed with very busy boys too. My second child can't keep his cloths on either and changes his underwear about 5 times a day. Just had to shave their heads because they got ahold of scissors and played "barber" to each other while I took a shower. They keep me on my toes, but it is the BEST! I am sure you are doing a wonderful job at being a mom. How can you not be a good mom when YOU rocked the mission?!

  4. HAHAH! I do not know how they think of drawing people on toilets and poop either...but thank you for the entertainment! :)