Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goodbye Seattle

Kerry Park over the last 5 years

Goodbye Seattle... Hello Portland

It's true.  We are moving from Seattle to Portland at the end of the month.  Everyone says we will love Portland (which is probably true) but I am desperately sad to leave Seattle.  I have truly fallen in love with Seattle.  

This is where we started our sweet little family.  We moved here when T Bear was 5 weeks old, then Cub and Little Grizzly were born at Swedish Hospital.  

We have made incredible friends.  We have had great neighbors.  I have made lifelong friends through Stroller Strides and teaching dance at the community centers.  Through church we have made friends who have been like family members to us. 

The city of Seattle has shown us her beauty and hidden treasures. We have eaten delicious food and soaked in the beauty of the greenery and water that surrounds Seattle. 

Oh, I am getting so sad.  I think I am going to stay in denial about the move and pretend like life is going on like normal.

See you all later,

-Miss T

We took the boys to the top of the Space Needle for brunch (longest meal of our life!).  It was very tasty and the boys loved the rotating restaurant and their new pajamas.


  1. Oh I just love you and our boys more than words can say. I think one of the reasons we have had such a great time here is that we are together as a family. Wouldn't be the same without you and the boys. I look forward to many more great memories we will all make together. Now stop before I get all emotional!

  2. 29 years ago, after having lived in Seattle for 4 years, your father drug me back to Idaho kicking and screaming. Seattle was a defining place for us as a couple and as a family. I walked around Greenlake while I awaited your birth. You and your brother were born in Swedish hospital. We attended meetings in the same church building you attend. We shopped at Northgate Mall and Ikea. You learned to crawl, walk, talk and the art of negotiation among other things in that wonderful city. We rode buses, bikes, ferries and sailboats. We cherished the diversity in our ward. Our tastes grew to include blueberries and salmon. We had strawberry Saturday picking strawberries at the church farm and then eating them until we couldn't take anther bite. We enjoyed outings at Ensign ranch.

    So I consider the last 5 years a tender mercy for me. The Déjà vu moments have been endless. My tears are very real as I realize this your last Sunday there. So I guess both of us will bid a very sad and fond farewell to Seattle....again.