Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When the Sun Shines in Seattle

Last weekend, we woke up and talked about how there was a lot of work to be done around the house.  Once we started to get going we realized it was a beautiful sunny day.  In true Seattle fashion, we abandoned all our plans and spent the rest of our weekend out in the sun.

We headed out to Gas Works Park in the late afternoon.  The boys were hoping to fly their kites on kite hill.  It was not windy enough for kites, so we settled for people watching.  

Our people watching experience was so enthralling, Big D and I mentioned how we felt like it was a movie set for some romantic comedy.  I will try to capture everything we saw in one park.

-Sailboats, motorboats, police boats
-Kayaks (remember when you went on that weird date to kayak on Lake Union?)
-the boys loved throwing rocks in the water and making leaves float
-big dogs, little dogs, cute dogs, the ugliest dog I have ever seen, and the most beautiful dog Big D has ever seen (a husky)
-a group of hula-hoopers wearing green sparkly attire being filmed in different spots of the park
-professional photographers and amateur photo shoots
-a group of college kids smoking (pretty sure it was pot since it is legal here now)
-people playing frisbee
-lots of people having picnics or BBQs
-some guys doing parkour around the old structures
-some dumb girls blatantly trespassing behind a fence that says "No Trespassing" around the old factory pipes
-another group swing dancing
-a dad and his boys racing huge remote control cars
-long boards, skateboards
-boys playing catch with a football
-a crazy guy who had earbuds in and was literally rocking out/dancing by himself in a corner unashamed
-sea planes landing and taking off on Lake Union
-lovers, friends, families, co-eds, strangers, people of all kinds

As we enjoyed our time at Gas Works Park, we thought Why would we ever leave this place?  We love Seattle.

And it's true, we love Seattle.  And as Seattlites, we love it when the sun shines.

-Miss T

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  1. This is SO true! I love Seattle. Why did I ever leave? Why are you leaving? Wah! Sunny days are like sparkling jewels that make up for all the coal, swampy cloudy days Seattlites endure the rest of the year.