Thursday, June 13, 2013


Dear Baby Nelson,

Isn't it fun to have a nick name? Thank you to T-bear for giving you a tummy name, "Nelson." Don't you worry, your auntie has promised that the boys will call you your real name when you are born, but for now they get to call you Baby Nelson.

While you are squirming around, enjoying my body warmth, I am experiencing summer heat like never before. I didn't know you would make me feel so hot. In the morning when I wake up, mid-morning when I am out doing the pool check, mid-afternoon when I am out picking up trash on the property grounds, early evening when I should be preparing some kind of dinner, evening when I should be relaxing with Mr. P, and at night when I am trying to get to sleep and deciding what is more uncomfortable: needing to go to the bathroom for the 7th time since getting in bed, or being so so so very hot.

The other night Mr. P was kind enough to get this fan out, and instead of directing it to blow on him like he usually does, he set it up right at my feet.

I am only left here wishing that you, Baby Nelson, were keeping me warm during the wintertime. How nice it must be to have a built in little heater when it is cold outside. But then again, how nice it is to have a little heater at all.

I can't wait to meet you, when the summer has ended. Goodnight.
Your mom


  1. Yes, next time you need to be pregnant in the winter so your baby will be a portable heater for you. And I love that we call her Nelson!

  2. Being pregnant in winter is delightful--you are never cold!