Thursday, June 6, 2013

Looking for Sympathy from Other Middle Children

Dear Auntie KK,

It has been a little rough becoming the middle child over here.  I'm writing in hopes to find some sympathy from other middle children (like you?)

The baby my mom brought home is only ok.  I have thrown balls at him, but he doesn't catch them.  I am not allowed to drive my fire truck over his body even if he is just laying there.  I am not supposed to touch him, cough on him, sit on him, spit on him, tickle him, or pick him up.  What am I supposed to do with him?  Just look? Not very fun.

I keep telling my mom when we go places "Leave Little Grizzly in the car."  She does not listen.  I also tell her daily, "Put Little Grizzly down."  Sometimes she listens, sometimes she doesn't.  Whenever I need something, she usually answers "after I feed the baby" or "T Bear can help you."  That is not what I like to hear.

The other trouble I have run into is that my family moved to a different house.  I keep telling them I want to go home.  I even used to wake up in the night crying and saying "go home."  T Bear keeps telling me this is our new home, but I am not so sure if I like this new home.  

On top of that, my mom keeps referring to me as a mess.  How am I supposed to feel about that?  She complains to her mom and friends about me getting 3 ear infections in 4 months, breaking out in hives and rashes regularly, and appearing to be deaf (due to the ear infection).  Oh, and did I mention I am 2 1/2 now?  My mom says that is why I am a little more obstinate and whiney lately.  I don't know what means, but I know when I want my milk, I want it N.O.W.!!!!

Apparently I did not have a choice in becoming the middle child, but I am hoping it will get better.  Does it?

Lots of love,


  1. So sad. So true. I'm rooting for you, Carson. :)

  2. Well the truth doesn't change much, BUT you will love the olders and the youngers even more as you get older. :) The age gap shrinks.