Friday, August 9, 2013

Reunion with Seattle friends!

Dear Miss T,

You know what you are good at? Sharing. Especially when it comes to sharing your friends.  Remember when I first lived with you in Seattle after I got back from Hawaii? That was actually when this whole blog thing started for real. ( ) And that was when you really shared your friends to a friendless (at least in that location) me.

Well that summer you shared your house, your food, your job, your child, and your friends with me. One set of friends you shared with me happened to visit Salt Lake last night, and I had the privilege of taking them around Temple Square a little. It took me back to the days of being a temple visitors' center missionary, and I remembered so vividly when I ached to return to Hawaii. Especially in those days when I was first introduced to these friends, the Love Family we will call them, because we love them! 

It was so fun to walk the sacred grounds and let the Love family know that the temple is a symbol of eternity, and that we are a part of eternity and through God's power our families can be part of eternity too. What a fun family they are, and what a treat to see the way those kids have grown. I have pictures for proof.

They said to pass their love on to you.
Love, Aunty Kk (as they still called me)

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  1. Those kids are so big!!! We love them in Seattle. They were a big part of our lives. I am so jealous you got to see them. Thanks for showing them a good time.