Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Divisibles of 24

Hey Miss T,

Thank you for the birthday Vlog. All of my roommates gushed with me over how adorable T-bear is. I did have a great day, and I thought I'd share a little bit about it with you.

24: The number of volleyball shots I did NOT block or send back over the net. It just wasn't my night to be the star athlete, but what a perfect night to have rough go at sports, because when you are the birthday girl you get two shots for free!

12: How many pieces of advice that I got from my friends. I wanted three things from this party: pictures, dancing, and advice on how to be good at being 24. One says "Don't act like who you are. And don't do drugs. Ever..." I'm still trying to figure that first phrase out a little. Another good one says "Be cool. Be smart. Don't give up. Cry often. Don't break anything. Smile. Go to Idaho. Be happy. Don't sniff things. Get to 25." I think I'll take that one.

8: Or 1/8 of a birthday burger that I could not finish eating. The food was soooo good, but man I was full. B-twon worked that grill!

6:Buddies from my mission that came! They said Hauoli la hanau and brought me lihing mui pineapple. YUM. Picture includes all buddies that were present at the time of the photo.

4: 4 Onion rings. I at 4 delicious onion rings! Onion rings, made by my cousin Caitlin. If you are going to bring something to a BBQ, then why the heck not blow everybody's expectations and bring onion rings!?! She told me you can youtube how to make them. Awesome. We are the generation of education by youtube and wikipedia.

3: Layers of chocolate birthday cake. K-rave made the most delicious 3-layer birthday cake EVER. It was like the Great Wall of China cake from PF Chang's. MMmmmm.

2: Nephews who were clearly happy to be at my party. (Wish there could have been two more there!)

1: Birthday banner that got left on the fence at the park over the weekend...and it rained. Oops.

Now I am 24, clearly out of my prime of 23, but looking ahead to what this year of life will bring. I love how you told me that you still feel like you are 24, and so this is the age I will probably feel like for a long time. That is great news because so far I love it!

Any advice you want to give me about being 24? Or just living a good year of life? I'm open. Hit me back.

Love, Kk

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  1. I loved being 24, in fact I still think I am 24 when people ask me my age. You will have a great year! I got married when I was 24.......