Friday, June 3, 2011

Tips for Mosquito Season.

Hey Miss T!

Mosquito season is coming. Has it gotten to you yet? The other day I had a really itchy leg and I thought "OH NO! Do I have a mosquito bite?!?" Turns out, it was just an itch, thank heavens. However, it did remind me that with summer, and camp-outs, and ponds, and rivers, and rain come those nasty little buggers we call mosquitoes.

Remember how Big D isn't the only one loving you in McCall? McCall is just loaded with mosquitoes...

So today when my stats professor told us about a study on mosquitoes, my ears perked right up. It helped that he asked, "Hey do you want to know how to get bit more by mosquitoes?" He then told us the three significant factors that seem to increase mosquito bites:

1. Higher body temperature (whew! I'm pretty safe on that one...I'm always cold)
2. Wearing dark clothes (now that's a good one to know)
3. Drinking beer (nope, no problem there either)

So I thought I'd pass the tip along to one and all. If you want less mosquito bites this summer, avoid those three things.



  1. Ok, I DO avoid all of those things. Well I am wearing a dark sweatshirt in that picture at McCall. Regardless, I always get eaten ALIVE by mosquitos. I am going with the theory that I just have sweet blood.

  2. have sweet blood. And you do ALWAYS get eaten alive.