Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everyone is Training

Hi KK,

I feel like 91% of my free time is training for this triathlon, and it is wearing me out.  I keep wondering How do people train like this on a regular basis and for even bigger events?  Seriously, I have been training for 2 1/2 weeks and I am exhausted.  I am ready to quit.   Not quit the triathlon, just the training.  

I have been waking up early for swimming, biking after Big D gets home from work, and trying to run with the boys in the stroller.  When the end of the day comes, I am exhausted.  No time for blogging, email, reading, projects, etc.  I do find time to eat.  I reward myself for all of my training with coconut pie, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, pudding, chocolate milk and more.  It makes it all a little better and I definitely deserve the calories.

Tonight we decided to get the boys in on the swimming.  We filled up the tub and put on their life jackets for a swim.  Baby Cub loved it and T Bear practiced his newly acquired swimming skills.  Our bathroom floor was soaked from all the splashing.  

Despite my complaining, I am looking forward to the triathlon.  My biggest problem right now is that I have a zit on my back that I need you to pop.  (That is a mandatory sister duty.)  This is a result from too much sweating and sports bra wearing. 

Wow - that paragraph should be labeled TMI.  

-Miss Triathlon in Training

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  1. HAHAHAHAAAA!!! I would do it...I would be grossed out of course, but I would totally pop that zit for you. Wish I could. Good luck Miss Triathalon!