Friday, June 10, 2011

T Bear


Two stories about T Bear today.

1. On Thursday I met my friend at Green Lake for a workout before our boys' swimming lesson at the community center.  At one point along the lake, we let the boys out of the strollers to play.  Since we were near the lake, I made some boundaries of where they could play and could not play.  I told them I didn't want them to fall in the water.  T Bear looked at me seriously and said, "Why?  I can swim."

I feel like I have paid for a false sense of security with the swimming lessons if my 3 yr old thinks he can swim.  I quickly made a new family rule, that an adult needed to be in the water first for him to swim.  Hopefully that will do the trick for awhile.

2.  Big D usually leaves for work before the boys wake up.  However this morning, he decided to catch a later bus, and was around while the boys and I were eating breakfast.  T Bear heard Big D getting ready to leave for work, stopped eating his oatmeal, and yell to Big D, "You didn't kiss me!!! Don't leave daddy, you didn't kiss us!!!"

It was so sweet.  Both Big D and I will take any opportunity to kiss our boys right now while they will let us.  It reminded me of an article I read yesterday about a Dad going out and waving to his high school son's bus everyday.  It was humiliating, but the son knew his Dad loved him.  Read article HERE.

I hope T Bear knows how much we love him.

-Miss T

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