Sunday, July 14, 2013

Room for Baby Nelson

Hey Miss T,

Since I am beginning to feel like there isn't much more room for Baby Nelson inside my tummy, we decided to put together a room for her in our house. We obsessively checked KSL for a week or two, and finally found someone selling their set of baby/toddler furniture that we thought would be good to have. Then yesterday after Mr. P and his Dad carried the heavy oak furniture up 3 flights of stairs (they are beasts! Would have made amazing pioneers, I tell you) we put everything together that we have for Baby Nelson so far. What do you think?

Crib and bench (and yes the bench opens up as a toy box!!). We just went with the bedding the lady was selling as well because it matched the quilt Miga made for Baby Nelson perfectly! (I spy with my little eye, our pepper plants growing by the window!)

An armoir for the little girl. With a whole gang of friends up top. :D Yes, that it my monkey collection. Mr. P didn't make me throw them away! So now, they get to be Baby Nelson's first friends.

I also filled up half her armoir with my book collection as a child.  Happens to include classic like: the 2nd part of the Little House on the Prairie series, Beverly Cleary books including of course Ramona and her series, as well as a book called Caddie Woodlawn, which I totally love the name Caddie but can't seem to sell it to Mr. P. He always thinks of golf when he hears that name, and that simply will not work to have him be thinking of golf every time he says his daughter's name.

A changing table and please note THE SWING! Yes this is what YOU gave to me (and Baby Nelson!) and I am so excited for the day when she will be big enough to swing in it. It isn't really hooked in right now...but we will get it screwed and anchored in somewhere someday soon. But for now it was just too exciting. We couldn't leave it out of our game of set-up.

The bedding...Miga's quilt will be in there with Baby Nelson eventually, but for now I thought it best to keep the adorable quilt on display. Hence why it is on that adorable toy bench!

A baby saucer thing! Mr. P was like a little kid putting it together. Just loving all the pieces and stopping to play with them a little as he assembled the thing. He is going to be so fun to be with when we are putting together kids' Christmas presents. :D

Anna, my old cabbage patch doll having a ride in the swing. :)

A larger view of the same stuff. :)

So there you have it. We have room for Baby Nelson!! Thanks so much for the swing. Can't wait to put her in it.

Love, Kk


  1. love, love, LOVE it. I wish she was here now! Good job!