Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I Love and Don't Love

I don't love doing laundry, but I do love filling the drawers with clean folded clothes.  I love getting my boys dressed for the day or into pajamas for the night.  I love knowing they have enough clothing to keep them warm or cool or comfortable.

I don't love deciding what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I do love being able to fill my boys bellies with good food.  Boys (actually everyone) are so much happier when their stomachs are full.

I don't love doing dishes or picking up the house, but I do love the feeling of peace and calmness that come with having a clean kitchen and house.

I don't love cleaning up the messes my boys make outside.  I do love watching them make a mess.  I love it when they come in filthy from playing so hard.  I love bringing them bubbles, chalk, balls, paper, nails and other things to play with or make things with outside.

I don't like disciplining my boys at all.  I do love those sweet moments when they tell me I am the best mom ever or that they love me.  Those words do melt my heart and give me hope to keep trying.

I don't love feeling "stuck" at home sometimes due to a napping baby.  I do love having a baby in the home.  I love it when he wakes up happy and smiles when I picked him up from the crib.

I don't love it when our friends move away (or we do).  I do love watching my boys make friends.  They truly come to love their friends so quickly.  They can forgive them and be happy for them.

I don't love feeling like I don't accomplish anything on my to-do list each day.  I do love spending time reading to my boys, playing with them, holding them, singing to them, watching them ride bikes, and spending time with them.

I don't love the extra pouch of fat on my belly that lingers from pregnancy at all.  I absolutely love being a mother to my three boys.  I have to remember that it is worth it.

-Miss T


  1. Love this post! Amen to everything. You are an amazing mom!

  2. A very honest post. I like it. Truer than I understand right now, I am sure. And I love the pictures!

  3. That is a neat post Tenley. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this post. Thanks so much for posting.