Thursday, July 11, 2013

Facebook for Dead People

Dear Miss T,

I simply must pass along this cool thing I learned on Sunday. I went to Paul’s dad’s family history class and logged on to family search for the first time in...well long enough to not recognize a thing. Have you seen it recently? Oh wow wow wow it is so cool! 

So last week Paul's dad Scott had gone over the photo feature with the class so when he reviewed it briefly today I was intrigued. To be completely honest, I didn’t learn everything he went over today because I was figuring out this cool thing with the photos as the family trees and all.

Paul has coined it “Facebook for dead people.”

Do you recognize our Grandma Cutler in that picture? I know it is not the best picture of Grandma Cutler, but it is all I had access to while at church using my iPad. Don't you think it is pretty incredible that I had one on my iPad at all? It came from having taken a picture of a picture with my iPhone a few weeks ago when I was going through old boxes. Fortunate timing I would say.

 At any rate, isn’t it awesome that we can just upload pictures of the relatives (have to be dead right now, but they anticipate opening it up to the living soon) that we love and have wonderful memories with? And then anyone else who is looking at their family history can see the "profiles" of sorts for their dead relatives. I think it is fabulous! I am just tickled about it, and want to find more pictures to add. If you have a favorite of Grandma, or Wally, you can send it to me and I will gladly add it. :D

Love, Kk

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  1. Hilarious! I will send you a picture I have.