Thursday, August 11, 2011

Australian Oddities to American Eyes

Hey Miss T,

Yesterday I rode on an escalator, and I took a picture. Notice anything strange?

I then returned a shopping cart in the parking lot...or should I say a trolley in a car park?

I also ate a pie. Not an applie pie, or banana cream pie. Can you guess what was in this pie if it goes great with your favorite BBQ sauce?

I paid for some Tim-Tams (our favorite!) with some cash.

(Isn't their money pretty?!)

And rode in a car, me being the passenger on the right side of the vehicle.

So far I'm liking the Auzzie place, even though some things appear odd to my American eyes.

Hahah, it's heaps of fun.
Loving and missing you from down under!


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  1. oh the pictures make this post so much better!!! love it!