Friday, August 19, 2011

Worst Plane Ride Ever

KK -

I know I told you in person about my worst plane ride ever.  But let's share it again with the rest of the world because it is such a great story.

Extremely early on a Thursday morning, we woke the boys up from their peaceful sleep and loaded them in the car to drive to the airport.  T Bear became giddy with excitement because Utah was the place were all his wildest dreams were going to come true (he doesn't know about DisneyLand yet).

We arrived at the airport a little bit later than we planned to, but rushed in to check our bags and car-seats.  Then we headed to the security lines which is where we made our biggest mistake.  We got into the slower-than-a-snail line.  A new TSA person was training, therefore bags had to be checked at least 17 times.  By the time our bags finally were scanned, my plane was boarding.  I told the TSA persons that we needed to hurry, so would they please do their triple extra check on our baby food quickly.  My simple request was bluntly ignored.

When we had finished redressing ourselves, and loading our bags back up, Big D carried the boys and while I started sprinting (in a dress) to the gate.  I arrived at the gate and knew that our plane was gone.  The lady at the counter confirmed that our plane had departed without us.  I bursted into tears.  Big D finally caught up with me at the counter and talked to the lady about getting me and the boys booked on another fight.

Once we were booked on the next outgoing flight, Big D tried to console me.  Still crying, I told him "One more minute with these boys is like an extra hour!" (all drama intended)  I was not prepared for a later flight, especially since it was not a direct flight.

After some breakfast, Big D left us and we boarded the plane.  The first flight to Boise went somewhat smoothly.  As we left Boise, things started to get rough.  Without too much commotion, we made it to Salt Lake City.  I got off the plane and walked Troy to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I discovered that my period had leaked through my dress.  I don't mean just a little leakage, I mean a lot of RED BLOOD EVERYWHERE.  Ugh.  Panicking, but trying not to cry again in front of my boys, I walked out of the bathroom.  I walked down to the baggage claim trying to pretend that no one could see my strained dress.

At the baggage claim, I found a corner to hide in.  B-town (youngest brother) showed up with an adorable welcome sign and balloons.  You should have seen B-town's face when I told him that my period leaked all over my clothes.  It was definitely a TMI moment for a 22 yr old guy.  B-town was kind and gathered our luggage, which included 2 car seats and 1 small suitcase.  In that suitcase, I had only packed a few things for the boys.  There were NO CLOTHES for me because Big D was flying in later that night with our other luggage.  

When we got to B-town's car, I asked him to use his GPS to find the nearest clothing store possible.  We drove to a Target and I ran inside to find some clothing.  Since I was bloody everywhere down there, I couldn't exactly try on some shorts or pants.  So I grab a Maxi dress and a package of panties, bought them, then went in the bathroom and changed.  I tried not to even think about what the cashier must have been wondering (or the people BEHIND me in line).

With clean clothes on, we went to my lunch date with my dear college friend Roo.  It was a relief to sit with Roo.  You can always cry, laugh and calm down with best friends from college.  We enjoyed a great lunch. 

Luckily my day (and trip) went much better.  It was a red and rocky start, but I survived.  I have not had such a humiliating period experience like that since high school.  AH!  Can you believe it?  

Thanks for the humiliating/funny experience Red Fairy

-Miss T

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  1. Oooooooooooooooooh I just moan for you. Yes a horrid flight...just one of those things you can't believe!! You handled it marvelously though, and I liked the new dress you got, if that is any consolation :)