Monday, August 8, 2011

Malo e Lelei!

Malo Miss T!

Welcome back to the blog...I've missed you dearly.
I am now in Liverpool with my former mission companion Faiva. Originally she is from New Zealand, and her parents are Tongan. So yesterday we went to the Tongan congregation at church, and oh my was I in for a good time or what.
Have you ever heard of AFL? I'm guessing you may be thinking "American Football League" right now, because of course that is what I also thought. This is not correct however (I now see a reason for the NFL and not the AFL...), because it really means Australian Football League. I learned this because at the musical fireside I went to last night, the AFL team from Tonga was visiting. They were all decked out in white shirts with red ties. Wow they can sing!!! Wow wow wow. I need you to hear it. It's almost like sing-yelling, but not as harsh or bad as that sounds. But it is powerful. And all of the speeches and talks given were basically jokes about getting these fine young Tongan athletes married off to the Australian beauties. What an evening of giggles and laughter all around.

Wish you could be here too!
Love, want-to-be-Tongan-KK


  1. sounds amazing. you want to be tongan? or do you want to marry a tongan? or do you want a tongan baby? it sounds like you may not be coming back......

  2. that comment was from me.... my blogger account is still weird. just wanted to let you know it was from me, not some weird-o