Friday, August 12, 2011

Now You Can

Early in the morning, I brought Baby Cub into bed with me.  Big D had already left for work, so I didn't mind sharing the bed with Baby Cub.  He started rolling around with adorable coos while I watched half asleep.  Baby Cub pushed up onto hands and knees and scooted his bottom back until he was in a sitting position.  I thought it was utterly amazing that he figured out how to do that on his own.

When I worked at Now I Can, I helped numerous children try to learn that very skill that Baby Cub mastered on my bed.  The children at Now I Can, usually have some sort of neuromuscular disorder, mostly commonly cerebral palsy.  They have to work very hard to learn how to sit, crawl, stand, walk, talk, and eat.  It was an extremely humbling experience to be part of the children's journey to learn to do these simple yet difficult things.  

As a child would take a first step, or sit independently, we would encourage them to say, "Now I Can."  I wanted each of these children to be proud of the things they could do, instead of feeling limited by what they can not do.

My heart is full of gratitude that Baby Cub does not have to struggle to learn such simple tasks.  My heart hopes that he will learn compassion for people that do go through those struggles.  My heart wants him to be kind and helping to all he comes into contact with.  

A recent visit to Now I Can with Tracey (the Director).  I want to be like her someday!

Now I Can is competing in a competition on Facebook to win some much needed money.  This money would fund scholarships for more children to receive therapy and the opportunity to say "Now I Can" at this amazing clinic.  The voting ends on August 27th.  You can vote 1 time everyday.  Now I Can is not in the lead right now, but they are praying for a miracle.  Now You Can help by please ask everyone you know on Facebook to vote for Now I Can.

With love,
-Miss T

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  1. What a great cause and what a great blog. I dont have a sister to giggle with like this...but it makes me smile to read you two talking back and forth. Love you both dearly!