Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Back with Face Paint

KK -

I have been having major issues with Google/Gmail.  I think I have finally figured out my blogger account and all other google accounts.  So I am back and ready to blog.  I have so many good stories to tell you.  Like..... The Lord of the Ragnar,  a Flash Mob, my worse plane ride ever, running a red light, and more.  

For now, enjoy our face paint.  If you are ever bored, play with face paint.  It will turn a boring afternoon into a memorable day with lots of laughter.  I dedicate our Harry Potter baby to Bert - don't you love it?

Hope you are having fun down under,
-Miss T

PS If any of you friends have private blogs, please send me a new invite.  Send it to tenleypickett(at)  I am still using my cutlercrew email address, just needed a different email to use blogger.  Thanks!  I want to read your blog too.

1 comment:

  1. Miss T,

    Thank you so much! He is extra favorite as little Harry Potter. Good job!