Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Education Nation & Baby Cub


Last week NBC News presented Education Nation. Watch this video to see Baby Cub's appearance in Education Nation.

You only have to watch the first 4 minutes.... the rest is interesting as well, but doesn't feature Baby Cub. (To be exact go to 2:55 to see him fast).

Here is the back story:

Lately, the U of W has asked Baby Cub to participate in a few research studies. We were willing for him to participate because we take the money from the studies and put it into a college fund for him.

One morning, U of W called and asked if they could film Baby Cub. They said that a professor was having her work highlighted during Education Nation on NBC News. I didn't really hear what the research was about because I was excited about getting my cute baby on the news. Later I thought "I should have listened to make sure I agree with the research that will be presented." Oh well, it was too late.

We went to the Lab and the professor glanced at Baby Cub and asked if he was the toddler or the baby that they wanted to film. I said "He is the baby, just the size of a toddler. If that is a problem we are not offended." It was not a problem, so they filmed Baby Cub playing with toys and his mommy. They paid us $20 and said they would let us know if he made the cut.

Obviously he made the cut. Doesn't he look so cute? Big D thinks the appearance was worth way more than $20.

-Miss T


  1. FAMOUS BABY!he looks grrrrreat, and so do you.

  2. How cool that baby cub got to be a part of a study at U.W. and be on NBC news! My favorite part was when they said don't let anyone interrupt you interacting with your baby because you are building a brain! It makes me excited to be a mom, it's an important job!