Monday, October 24, 2011

Midnight Run to Winco

KK -

You totally missed out on a midnight run to Winco while I was in Boise.

It was after the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at the house.  Btown asked me to run to Winco with him.  I asked him why.  He said that he had to use some coupons that expired that night at midnight.

Coupons?  Since when did Btown start using coupons?  I didn't have time to get the details because he was quickly dawdling out the door.  I really didn't want to go, but Big D was not around to go on this adventure with Btown.  I put on some flip-flops with my cute dress, told someone to listen for my sleeping boys and hopped in the car.

As we drove to Winco, I asked Btown why in the world he had coupons.  He admitted to being a reader of a coupon blog.  Laughing he said, "I am probably the only 22 yr old white male college student who follows the blog!"  

That is not true, because his roommates are in on it too.  Btown told me about how they found out about free jeans at Gap.  He and his roommates showed up at the mall early thinking there would be a line for the free jeans event.  No one was there.  But before they got embarrassed and fled, they hung around until the store opened.  They went inside and were one of the first ones to get a pair of FREE jeans.  Pretty sweet.  

Still giggling at Btown, we walked into Winco to find the shampoo.  I selected a shampoo called "Drama Clean" since I thought the name was fitting for myself.  Btown told me that you always have to select your shampoo by how it SMELLS, not by the name.  We then smelled several shampoos and I changed my mind and chose a lovely purple smelling shampoo.  

The cashier gave us some funny looks as we checked out with only shampoo, and then handed her a coupon that made the shampoo absolutely FREE.  I'm sure she was wondering "Who are these people dressed in fancy clothes buying free shampoo at midnight - crazies, I tell you.

Btown was stoked because his two new bottles of shampoo were sure to last him for the whole next year and they were FREE!  It was hilarious.  

Thanks Btown for an adventurous night (and the FREE shampoo)!

-Miss T

Btown's coupon/deal blog is:

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