Monday, October 10, 2011

You are Welcome Costco!

Dear Costco,

As you well remember, my sister had a some things worth apologizing for last week. Well today I have something worth celebrating!

I am your newest Costco Member. It's official folks, and I feel like a true grown-up now that I have a Costco card and can get myself in those blessed doors.

I now say you are welcome, because here are some items I plan on regularly buying (aren't there just some staple Costco items necessary for a happy life?):

Costco gasoline

You just gotta love those long gas pump cords. They can reach around any vehicle. Did you know that the side that the little gasoline icon is on of your dash indicates what side your gas tank opens on? Tip of the day folks, tip of the day.

Costco Muffins

Now these muffins are just beauties. Chocolate? Poppyseed? That delicious apple-ish kind with brown sugar sprinkles, or the coffee-cake-like muffin? I even now love the blueberry muffin! Basically they are just like little cakes, wearing the title of muffin to make you feel like it might be a little bit healthier. :)

Raisins at Costco

Hooray for huge bags of raisins! Did you know these taste great on any breakfast cereal, especially oatmeal?? Another good combo I like is a good ole'peanut-butter and raisin sandwich. Who needs the J when you got the R? And a handful of these is almost a serving of fruit, or so the bag says.

I could go on and on with this list, so I say You Are Welcome Costco. I look forward to a long and happy, mutually-beneficial relationship.

Sincerely yours,

(and now I want to hear what your favorite Coscto staple is)

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