Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lady A is official!

Miss T,

Lady A is officially our Sister-in-law and I am thrilled about it.

I'm so impressed with how you managed the weekend. Two boys in Boise with you and no husband (but a Miga and Papa here and there to help you out). Wedding decorations to coordinate and place without the help of me who happened to be the one to commit to it in the first place. Out-of-towners and many relatives to entertain and prevent from heat-stroke at the rehearsal dinner. You did wonderful things to make this weekend wedding a success. Clearly this was meant to be in a magazine.

I just think this picture is perfection.

What a delight to see you. And to see our happy happy happy brother, and our lovely Lady A.

I think you have some entertaining details you could add to the story of this weekend. Any one agree that they need to be shared?

Love, KK

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  1. I just saw their photos on facebook. SO GORGEOUS. It was a wonderful wedding and I do have some stories to share......