Sunday, September 25, 2011

Women's Celebration (Where were you?)


On Saturday it was the Women's Fitness Celebration - where were you? Oh, that is right, you got your "dream" job at the MTC and have to work on weekends.  Well, we missed you and your Texas roomie terribly.   

This year we sported the green shirts since we registered so early for the race.  We had a pretty good group and we rocked it out at the starting line.  The new members to our crew wondered why we signed up for the "competitive" run & walk waves of the race.  We explained to them, that this race is not that competitive to us but those waves start the race first.  This way we finish the race sooner and get to the food faster.  The food and after-party is one of the best parts (especially for those who don't particularly like to run - ME!). 

This year Grandma Katie stayed at the party to receive a rose as one of the Over 70 year old participants.  She was lucky enough to have all 5 of her daughters walk the race with her this year.

It was fun, but definitely not the same without you.  Will you be there next year?  

-Miss T

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