Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toe-tally Worth it

Miss Beautiful toes T-

In the past I have heard you mention a time or two when you have gone to get a pedicure. In all honesty, I sort of thought, "Well that's a splurge that I'm not sure is worth the money."

This last time I saw you in Utah though, I saw your toes and they looked great. I was jealous. So early the next morning, before I saw you at the reunion I pulled out my nail polish so I wouldn't have to be quite so embarrassed at my naked toes.

This past weekend I went to KC's bridal shower in Texas, and it just so happened that her mother splurged and gifted us pedicures!! I am hooked. A pedicure is TOE-TALLY WORTH IT! See for yourself:

My pedicurist was named Julie, and she is an artist. The flowers on my toes are incredible! It's just fun for me to look at my toes now. It's amazing how something as unflattering as feet can suddenly become fun to look at with a little pedicure action.

If you haven't ever treated yourself (or haven't in a long time) to a pedicure, set a goal and plan the reward to be a pedicure. It's worth it.

Love, Pretty toes KK


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the wonderfulness of a pedicure. I think we should get them together in December!!!!