Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feel Bad For Us, We Have Bed Bugs.

Dear Miss T,


About three weeks ago we thought Tere-z had hives, because she had all of these itchy red marks. She went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and cream. Nothing happened.

A few days later I had two red itchy marks, and we looked at each other and thought "Oh no!" Yet another few days passed and our other roommate popped out in "hives" too! This was enough for Tere-z. She purchased a plastic mattress shield thing and went to put it on her bed. It was in this fateful moment that she SAW THE BED BUGS! Just to be sure we had Mr. P, who has experienced the awfulness of bed bugs and also worked a summer as an exterminator, inspect the mattress as well. He confirmed the awful and terrible truth that we had bed bugs.

EWWWWWWW. I don't even know how to describe how gross and yucky I feel about all of this. EEK. We called our landlady at 10:42 pm to tell her, and we hope to high heaven she takes care of this mess immediately.

Any bed bug suggestions in meantime?? How do you sleep at night? Tere-z and I slept on the couch last night instead...paranoid all night long that little nasty buggers were crawling all over us and eating us alive. Just in case you were wondering, that does not equate with restful sleep.

Love, a miserable itchy KK and Tere-z

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  1. That is so disgusting. I would not be able to sleep either. I would be showering all the time. GROSS!!! Get that landlady over there NOW!