Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feel Bad for Us, We Took a Family Vacation

Looks like the ideal Family Vacay - right?

Last Friday, we packed up our little family and headed down to the Oregon Coast for a weekend getaway. I was so excited about spending the whole day on the beach playing with my boys.  It was going to be a perfect mini family vacation for us.

We woke up Saturday morning, enjoyed a lazy breakfast at 7am (why do kids still wake up early even on vacation?), and then started getting ready to spend the day at Cannon Beach.  Before we headed out the door T Bear got sick.   Like sit-on-the-toilet-many-times kind of sick.  Even though he was sick, T Bear still begged to out to the beach.

We got to Cannon Beach, admired Haystack Rock, and started digging in the sand.  Shortly after we had to make some more trips back to the public restrooms (yuck!) for T Bear.  He just didn't feel good.  We realized that although we wanted to stay on the beach all day, our first duty as parents was to take care of our kids - no matter how beautiful and sunny it was.  So we packed back up and headed back to the beach house.  

At the house, T Bear got some much needed rest, while Big D got some much needed BYU football.  I read a book and enjoyed some ice cream, so it was still a good situation.  Luckily, T Bear felt better than evening so we were able to walk to the beach and enjoy some more time outside.

We decided to take the scenic Highway 101 route up the Washington coast to get home.  We stopped at a gas station, where I decided to put the boys into their pajamas for the rest of the ride.  I lifted Baby Cub up and realized that he had a smelly diaper.  Big D and I debated about where to change it - in the dirty gas station bathroom or the car?  We decided for the car.  

I started changing him, but immediately needed back up because the diaper was a blowout.  It the tight car space, it was becoming a difficult and messy situation.  I ended up holding up a naked Baby Cub in the parking lot of the gas station while Big D wiped down his back and bottom.

Big D said, "Ok, that's good.  We are looking like amateurs. People are going to wonder 'Have they ever changed a diaper before or did they just kidnap those kids?' So get Baby Cub back in the car."

We laughed.  It was turning out to not be the most ideal family vacation, but we were still having fun.  

So you should feel a little bad for us because we did have some rough spots.  Mostly I am being sarcastic.  We do hope that if we do it again, it will be without someone being many-times-on-the-toilet kind of sick.

-Miss T

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  1. HAHAAH! Yes.. you do look like the ideal family on a vacation...but oh my word funny! I am sure any passersby got a good chuckle out of the Baby cub diaper spectacle. :)