Friday, September 16, 2011

Hair Color


Here is a conversation I had with T Bear the other morning. 

T Bear: "Why does Colt always have red hair?"

Miss T: "Colt just has red hair, just like you always have brown hair. People have different colors of hair. What color is Baby Cub's hair?

T Bear: "Baby Cub has light brown hair and I have brown hair."

Miss T: "Yes.  Some people have brown, blonde, red or black hair."

T Bear: "Or green hair.  Poppa has gray or white colorish hair."

I finally realize that this is a great "teaching moment." Miss T: "Yes. People have different colors of hair, eyes, and skin.  But no matter what color, Heavenly Father loves everyone."


Well, I am teaching him something.  Just not sure what it is exactly.

-Miss T


  1. HAHA! You are such a good Mom. I love it.

    And...I love that you have little children that you dress up in BYU t-shirts. Hahah YESSS.

  2. OH my gosh! This is hilarious! I think Troy really did miss us because he actually let me hold his hand when I came to find you after nursery. He likes to hug Claire, but he's not really into me most of the time. :)