Saturday, August 14, 2010

K is for Kayaking

Hi Still married and dating Miss T,

I know you were worried yesterday when I left to go kayaking. Could I forget so soon our dangerous circumstances on the water in the paddle boat? Was I really ready to risk my life again? Was this just another something stupid a boy could get a girl to do?

The answers to those questions in their proper order are: No. Yes. And, Maybe? I didn't forget our sinking paddle boat--eek that was scary! And yes, I was willing to take the risk, because 1. A kayak seems much more stable than a canoe, and 2. A kayak seems more controllable than a paddle boat. And maybe it was just another stupid thing a boy could get a girl to do, because I really have limited experience with kayaking, and poor luck with unmotorized-water-craft. Fortunately, in this case it turned out to be anything but stupid, despite the stupid things I may have done.

So, for your convenience and pleasure I've assemble a list of a few stupid things you can do, but still have a great time kayaking:

1. Ignore your guide's suggestion to bring a change of clothes because you will get wet.
2. Wear a pair of shoes that recently gave you a blister, so that when you walk carrying half of the heavy-duty inflatable canoe, your blister will re-rub painfully with every step you take.
3. Hold your paddles up-side down and paddle. As you paddle, notice that your strokes don't seem to propel you anywhere, but because someone is paddling behind you, you are still moving forward. Continue paddling as if there is no problem.
4. When your guide makes a suggestions that "the paddling might go better if you turn your paddles so the logo is right-side up," go ahead and flip them now, and splash the both of you while you are at it.
5. Now that your paddling actually helps a little, don't mention when your arms get tired. Just keep up an attitude of strength and endurance.
6. When asked if you want to go further, always say yes.
7. During one portion of the kayak trip, preferably when your arms are very tired, make the great suggestion that you want to see how much your strokes actually help. Then tell your kayak-buddy to stop paddling. When they stop, do all of the paddling yourself, slowly...ever so slowly, into the tree branches overhanging in the lake.
8. Try to steer from the front of the kayak (even though you know the steering is done from the back).
9. Don't wear a life-jacket. It makes you look hard-core if you casually ignore the simple way to protect against the dangerous waters with a personal flotation device.
10. At the end, when you may as well have gone swimming because your pants are soaked through, remember that you ignored your guide's suggestion to bring a change of dry clothes.

I may or may not know these ten stupid things from personal experience. But I did have a lovely time kayaking. I am delighted by the peace of being out on a lake on a sunshiny day. I adore the little houseboats that line the edge of Lake Union, and look as though Sleepless in Seattle was filmed as their neighbor. Was it filmed as their neighbor? I love the huge floaty orange and yellow Tipis that don't have anyone living in them (I poked with my paddle to be sure) that are probably floating out there to warn boats of something important.

Overall I recommend a kayak trip on Lake Union. In conclusion, I deduct that kayaks are more stable than canoes. Kayaks are more controllable (and buoyant?) than paddle boats. And you can do some stupid things, and still have a great time!

Love Dating-girl Kk.

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